STILL forwarding spam!!!!!!!!!

Cappellozza, Cesar A
Fri May 14 13:05:00 GMT 1999

Ever since I signed to cygwin mailing list, I've been receiving some nasty
mails, including vacation promotions and phone sex advertisings, and in most
cases the sender seems fake or anonymous. What is wrong with this mailing
list? Where do our e-mail addresses get to go? How trustable is your server?


at end-of-file

> is <> a registered list user?
> if so, is this kind of mail acceptable?
> if not, could you guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE forbid SMTP relays?!?!?!?!?!
> Come on, guys! RTFM!!! Check your logs !! For God's Sake!
> Could you also please specify a timeframe within which you expect
> to have this problem rectified.
> In the abscence of a reply I will resend this message until either
> the problem is recognised or it becomes obvious that cygnus can't deal
> with the problem.
> If cygnus can't deal with the problem, I will recomend that cygnus'
> mailserver be added to the realtime blackhole list.

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