Problem with Cygwin - corrupted other files in the system.

Earnie Boyd
Fri May 14 13:10:00 GMT 1999

--- chezhiyan sivagurunathan <> wrote:
> I am working on Window NT 4.0 workstation. I have an application called
> Outside View, which is used for my Daily Time Entry. This application
> was running without any trouble.
> I downloaded Cygwin full.exe and installed it. After that when I tried
> to use Outside View, it started Cygwin User installation. I downloaded
> one self extracting file from internet today. After downloading, when I
> try to intall that file, it starts the Cygwin User installation. I try
> to install it once again, it says "file is corrupt".
> I found a file "user.exe" in my Windows Nt system directory. What is
> this file ? I think this file is getting stated whenever I start Outside
> View.

Yea, there's a "user.exe" in my system directory also and it's dated Jun 12
1997 and has a size of 47392.  Downloading and installing full.exe would not
have corrupted this file.  Many hundreds of people use this software and I've
installed it several times myself.

However, if you downloaded user.exe and stored it in the system directory
overwriting the user.exe that was in you system directory then it is most
likely the problem.

Your setup environment was clean.
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