Using gcc/egcs with MSVC .lib files

Fieldhouse, Dirk
Fri May 14 15:08:00 GMT 1999

Can anyone confirm what the current position is?

As I understand, these options are possible

-	use link to build gcc object files against xxx.lib

-	make a wrapper, build the xxx.lib into xxx.dll, and use dlltool to
make the necessary libxxx.a for gcc

but (maybe not true any longer?) ld can't build with .obj/.lib.

However I'm proposing to use a 3rd party tool that puts my compiled code
into a library before linking. Can I extract all the .obj from the xxx.lib
and store them into libxxx.a directly? Or can I store the gcc objects into a
.lib with MS lib.exe for building with link.exe? 

Thanks for any enlightenment.

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