FULL.EXE "Not enough disk space"

Steve Morris sjm@judgement.com
Sat May 15 13:04:00 GMT 1999

>After installing msg : not enough disk space??

Check permissions. If there is plenty of space there is a write or
open error somewhere that is confusing full.exe into thinking there is
not enough disk space. There is no concept of "forcing". full.exe is
getting a legitimate error and can't continue. It doesn't check
available space and report the error. That's not what the error means.
It is g etting an error when trying to create a file and is giving a
confusing error message to the screen.

As I recall cygwin full distribution needs around 55 meg free.

The trick with full.exe is to have faith that it works. Failure almost
certainly means something different about your system. Don't get lost
worrying about bugs in full.exe. Literally thousands of people have
installed it with nary a problem not related to the system it was
installed on or corrupting the code with a bad download. This code is
stable and well tested. There must be something unique about your
system; nail it down and you will likely solve the problem.

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