FULL.EXE "Not enough disk space"

Lee Morgan cygwin@india.demon.co.uk
Sun May 16 05:22:00 GMT 1999

>Make sure that you don't have "too many" files in either your root
>directory or your $TEMP directory.  I belive that this could be a bogus
>error from InstallShield which is due to a root directory having a lot
>of files or a very full temp directory.
>Also, if you have a TEMP environment variable set, make sure that it
>points to an existing directory.
i'd tried cleaning temp but didn't know the same was for the root dir,
still, there aren't that many files in root

just got this from installshields kb

Search Knowledge Base

ERRMSG: "Not Enough Disk Space" Message Occurs on Systems with Plenty of
Disk Space 
Document ID: Q102719

This article applies to the following: 
Product(s): InstallShield 5.x Professional
Last Revised On: 03/15/1999

My installation is failing with a "Not Enough Disk Space" error despite
having over 1 gigabyte of free space.


This error often occurs when the value of TARGETDIR is invalid. Check
all destination directories for your file groups and components to
ensure that they are valid. You can also debug your script to see if
TARGETDIR is properly set.


...erm anyone know what the TARGETDIR is, i assume its
root/cygnus/cygwin-bxx - but can't see any problem there

Lee Morgan

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