erroneous "are the same file" report
Sun May 16 19:38:00 GMT 1999

Occasionally, I run into a situation where I try diff on 2 files which show 
up in ls -l as having different creation dates and different sizes, but diff 
reports no differences.  I just tried to copy one over the other using mv and 
it reports

mv:  `file.1' and `file.2' are the same file

(what's with the leading accent grave and trailing apostrophe?)

They do have differences, if I display them using less.

I'm using the 19990503 binary snapshot, under W95/OSR25/USB, with the current 
patches, but the same thing happened with earlier versions of both cygwin and 

When diff does report differences, it shows frequent failures to scroll 
(over-writing the last line), this being much more frequent with this 

Except for these small problems, this snapshot has been working well.

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