Tcl/Tk on NT built with the X libraries

Denis Laroche
Mon May 17 06:16:00 GMT 1999

Hi everybody,

i read through the mailing lists but i'm still not sure if it's possible
to do the following and if it works: building Tcl/Tk on NT with the X
libraries so that the windows of a wish script on NT could be sent to a
remote X server.

We built an application with the Windows version of Tcl/Tk from
Scriptics and now some people would like to run it on their Unix
workstation. The application can't be ported to Unix because it's linked
with C code using an imaging library available only on NT.

I installed the full distribution of Cygwin, but i have not seen the X
libraries. Is there a binary version of the libraries available
somewhere, or is it relatively easing to build them from the sources?

Denis Laroche
Pratt & Whitney Canada, Test Facilities Computing
1000 Marie-Victorin, 01AG3
Longueuil, Québec, Canada, J4G 1A1
tel. 450-677-9411 x5224
UTC tecnet 647-5224

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