Undefined Reference

dale henderson dalekh@hotmail.com
Mon May 17 16:53:00 GMT 1999

Here is my scenario:

I have mingw32/egcs1.1.2

Compiling source file for an executable.
There are two static libraries: one libglcanvas.a makes reference to the 
other libopengl32.a.
The source file  penguin.cpp also makes reference to libopengl32.a and does 
so successfully when make does the linking, but the linking to libopengl32.a 
from libglcanvas.a fails causing undefined references.

The source file uses makeprog.g95. When libglcanvas.a was compiled, it used 
makelib.g95. This is the only discernable difference I see.
There is no linking involved when creating a static library in mingw32, 

Any suggestions?


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