identifying different runtimes (help!)

Isselmou Ould-Dellahy
Wed May 19 08:49:00 GMT 1999

Hi everybody,

Using cygwin 20.1 I had a crash caused probably by a mixing
of different runtimes (use of a header that is non-compatible
with the library used at link time).
And I'm sure this causes a headake to more than one here,
because it is quite undebugable since most of time people focus
on their source code rather than which header the compiler
uses or what hidden library the linker link with.

How can I find which header is compatible with which library ?

I used -H -v at compile time and -v at link time; So I could see
exactly what the compiler does. But I need to have a kind of
header/library association table.

Is this information available somewhere ?

Thank you

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