Anti-SPAM measures on the cygwin mailing list

Chris Faylor
Wed May 19 19:42:00 GMT 1999

Our mailing list guru informed me that he has invalidated the old email address.  Mail to that address will now
get a "don't send it there, send it here" message.

This means that we now can fully utilize the RBL spam blocking system.  As
an additional measure he has also set things up to reject any email to which does not have
in either its To; or Cc: field.

Using RBL means that there may be more people who are unable to post to
this list.  If an attempt to post to the cygwin mailing list results in
a bounce indicating that your ISP is Relay Black Listed then follow the
instructions in the email to help your ISP rectify the situation.

Hopefully, we will now be seeing much less spam on the cygwin mailing


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