many problems with rxvt

Raju K. V.
Thu May 20 22:07:00 GMT 1999

hi all,

I downloaded the rxvt from

I also created a shortcut in my desktop with the command line as
C:\raju\bin\rxvt.exe  -fg white -bg black -fn "-*-Courier-bold-r-*-13-*"
-e bash -login

Here are some of the problems that I face.

1. When I run this I get a dos window which gets converted to the rxvt
after sometime. How to disable this dos window?

2. Though bash runs, my .bashrc does not get executed.

3. cannot redirect stderr to a file

Can anybody help me out?

BTW, rxvt runs without an X server. I think, this is because the
Xlibraries are linked statically with the application. Why cant all other
X based utilities be made in a similar manner?

Thanks in advance,

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