XFMail address and HTML questions

Eric Goforth eric@csi.com
Sun May 23 07:33:00 GMT 1999

I've downloaded and installed XFMail Version 1.3 Patchlevel p:0 OS:Linux.  I'm
pretty happy with it so far, but I have a couple of questions.  I've figured
out that double-clicking on an address in the address book will automatically
add it to the To: field, Cc: field, etc., but is there any way to
automatically add an address to the Address book, as opposed to manually
typing in the address in the Address Combo-box?  For example if I'm replying to
email that someone has sent me, is there something that I can do to add their
address to the address book other than manually typing it or copying and
pasting from the clipboard.

I'm also having problems viewing HTML attachments.  XFMail doesn't appear to
view them natively, I tried changing my external viewer to
/usr/lib/netscape/netscape, but Netscape only shows the HTML source, perhaps
this is a Netscape issue.  By the way, my OS is RH 5.2.


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