Starting rxvt from a .PIF

Nick Lai
Sun May 23 10:02:00 GMT 1999

I want to have a .PIF file that I can add to my Start menu that will
fire up bash in an rxvt window.

I made a .PIF which uses a "Cmd line" pointing to a modified cygnus.bat,
included here, which sometimes works, but often hangs my machine (a Dell
Pentium III with Windows 98 and Cygwin b20.1) after creating the rxvt

SET HOME=c:\Nick
c:\usr\local\bin\rxvt.exe -geometry 80x34 -sr -sl 500 -rv -fn "Lucida
Console-12" -cr yellow -title "Xterm" -e bash -login

In the Window "Properties" panel for the .PIF, I've got it set to run as
a normal window, marked the "Close on exit" box, and left the rest of
the settings at their default values.

Does anyone have a set of .PIF settings and a .bat file that they use
succesfully to start bash in an rxvt, or have an idea of how I can
modify my setup to not hang frequently?

It would be great if in the next release of Cygwin, they could bundle in
rxvt and include a suitable .PIF/.bat to start it.  I'd imagine most
Cygwin users would prefer that to running bash in a DOS window!



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