Richard Hickling
Mon May 24 23:41:00 GMT 1999

> > Is the 'define'/'endef' construct a part of GNU
> > 'make'?
> > If so, is that version part of the latest Cygwin
> > binary distribution?
> The answer is yes.
> Wonder what would take longer -- test out your copy of make to see if it
> does indeed support this feature (or look at the gnumake docs, which are
> also available on the web), or post a request to see if someone else would
> do it for you?

My 'make' does not support this feature.  I have been told the newest ones
The info documentation on 'make' (that I have) does not mention
'define'/'endef', however.  Thus, I was confused.

It would certainly take time and waste bandwidth to download various versions
of 'make', install them and test them.

In comparison, anyone who knew that this feature existed would waste about 10
seconds to click 'Reply' (or 'Reply All' if they saw fit) and type 'yes'.

Thank you for your answer.

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