Problem with batch file from tcsh and CYGWIN=tty

David Bailey
Tue May 25 01:33:00 GMT 1999

Hi all,

I have a small but niggling problem:

Using B20.1 from the standard full.exe distribution on NT (SP4 or 5) and
tcsh I run a small batch file that in trun calls another (non-cygwin) exe.
This exe uses the cursor keys in much the same way as tcsh to give it's own
internal command history. The trouble is, that if CYGWIN is set to "tty"
this doesn't work - the up arrow cursor simply moves the cursor up one line.
Leaving out the "tty" piece restores the correct functionality, but then I
run into problems if I need to ctrl-c things.

I poked about in the mail archives but couldn't find anything directly
relevant to this.

Any suggestions?


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