Cygwin built DLL invoked from MSC app doesn't seem to be all there.

Earnie Boyd
Tue May 25 10:46:00 GMT 1999

--- Ian Zimmerman <> wrote:
> Earnie Boyd wrote:
> > 
> > --- Jon Wells <> wrote:
> > > It's seems that only some bits of the cygwin API work inside a dll
> > > invoked from a none cygwin applications.
> > -8<-
> > > Anyone got any thoughts? I getting really close to having to use
> > > micromush tools and yucky ugly stuff like that..
> > 
> > To communicate properly between cygwin and non-cygwin processes you must
> have
> > set notty in the CYGWIN variable before starting bash.
> Why?  I thought (after reading the documents) that CYGWIN=tty just
> enabled termios calls.  What harm does it do when cooperating with
> non-cygwin programs?

I don't know the why?  I just live with it.  The harm that it does is that the
cygwin process cannot communicate properly with the non-cygwin process.

The termios code has been rewritten for the next release and the new code is in
the snapshots.  I don't know if the rewrite solves the communication problem.

Possibly Chris Faylor, who did the rewrite, is listening.
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