How to get C module's listing file?

Jurgis Armanavichius
Tue May 25 11:29:00 GMT 1999


I like to get complete listing file from my compilation 
process. I mind both SOURCE and ASM statements. 
I know "-Wa,-ahlsd=$(basename $@).lst,-L" GCC key 
only. But in *.lst file I have not sinchronized text. I think
it is because optimization process?

Do you know better method? For example in LST file
I like to see something like this:

;   SomeWORDVariable = 5;
                 mov.w     #5,r2
                 mov.w     r2,@_SomeWORDVariable:16

And so on.

Thank you,

Jurgis Armanavichius

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