Problems with gdb and FORTRAN programs

Richard Stanton stanton@Haas.Berkeley.EDU
Tue May 25 13:19:00 GMT 1999

I'm writing/debugging some FORTRAN code using egcs 1.1.2 and gdb 4.17.1.
There seem to be some problems viewing variables with gdb in fortran mode.
For example,

Breakpoint 1, getdat_ (data=0xf0be20, m=0x30720d0, n=0x30720d4) at
(gdb) print n
$2 = (PTR TO -> ( integer )) 0x30720d4
(gdb) set lang c
Warning: the current language does not match this frame.
(gdb) print n[0]
$3 = 491
(gdb) set lang fortran
(gdb) print n(1)

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x30720d9 in ?? ()
The program being debugged stopped while in a function called from GDB.
When the function (at 0x30720d4) is done executing, GDB will silently
stop (instead of continuing to evaluate the expression containing
the function call).

How can I view the contents of the variable n in fortran mode?

Richard Stanton

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