Newbie question about structures and further documentation

Tue May 25 23:49:00 GMT 1999

I am a student at the DeVry Institute of Tech. I am just learning the
C language. The compile of choice at school is Borland. This is not my
choice. I prefer to use Cygwin and my Emacs editor.

I have become aware of some incompatibilities between the two
compilers. Problems, which my teacher cannot help me with because he
is not familiar with this compiler.

With regards to structures, my text book states that some  compilers
cannot pass and return entire structures to a function. I seem to be
unable to do this either. I seem to be unable to even pass a pointer
to a struct.

How does Cygwin deal with this differently? Where can I find docs that
would be appropriate for someone like myself? I have been unable to
extract any useful information from the documentation at the Cygwin

Paul Becker

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