More path trouble :-(

Earnie Boyd
Wed May 26 06:46:00 GMT 1999

--- Ian Zimmerman <> wrote:
> The Changelogs on the web site only go back about a month, and I can't
> find them in the ftp area.  I downloaded the latest snapshot which
> indeed fixed this problem, but (predictably) created another one.  So I
> really need to find out when exactly this was fixed.  Can you tell me
> where to find ALL the Changelogs?

I thought that each new Changelog had the changes for that day prepended to the
file with a new file created on Jan 1.  You'll need to download the winsup-src
tarball that goes with the snapshot that you downloaded to get the ChangeLog. 
You'll have to look at ChangeLog-1998 to see the changes made in Dec after the
release was made.
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