[ANN] Dynamically linked perl5.005_03 binary & patches

Charles S. Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Wed May 26 12:39:00 GMT 1999

Many thanks to Eric Fifer, alex smishlajev for their patches and
feedback, and to Geoff Hart for his testing. In truth, they are
responsible for most of the patches that made this distribution

This dynamically linked binary kit does not include any modules, but the
source for those can be downloaded separately and compiled. I hope to
provide some prebuilt, downloadable modules that can simply be untarred
on top of the basic perl binary, but that will have to wait a few weeks.

The binary:


The patch:

ad2687cb2f75c1e483671102b306856c *perl5.005_03-dynamic-patch-v1.4.tar.gz

Pre-patched source:


The static binary with modules, static binary w/o modules, and the
related source code & patches are still available at the site, for now.
I will be losing my net connection in a few weeks, so belgarion will
shut down permenantly on June 11, 1999. I will move some of the files
(but not all) to


The cygutils site is not set up yet, but I anticipate including only the
following, due to limited storage space::

pristine source tarball
modules source + patches
patch for static build
patch for dynamic build
dynamically linked binary
statically linked binary w/ modules**

I hope that anonymous ftp access will be possible in addition to http:,
but I don't know yet.

**until downloadable prebuilt modules are available for the dynamic



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