Build-problem: Paths messed up while crosscompiling (includes FIX)

Morten Garkier Hendriksen
Thu May 27 07:58:00 GMT 1999


I have succesfully built a crosscompiler (host=i586-pc-linux-gnu
target=i386-pc-cygwin) using the source dev-src.tar.bz2 from my local
cygnus mirror.

During the build there were a few catches, probably related to wrong
paths in the makefiles. I guess you guys who know the structure of
the source-tree can identify the problem, and you who don't can use my

During the build-phase a directory in the "root" (that is src/) called
i386-pc-cygwin32 is created and som directories are linked/copied into
this directory. In this directory I had to create the following links,
to make the tree compile:

	ln -s ../config.sub .
	ln -s ../install-sh .
	ln -s ./newlib/ .
	ln -s ../mkinstalldirs .

and in the subdirectory i386-pc-cygwin32/winsup (which is created
later) I had to do the following:
	ln -s ../libstdc++/ .

to match the makefiles view of the world.

Since I am not used to autoconfigure-scripts in this scale, I have not
tried to hunt the problem myself. The above fix worked for me.

Best regards
Morten Hendriksen

Tech. info (if anyone should need it)
cygwin-version: 20.1 (from winsup/ChangeLog)

	OS:		Debian 2.1/i386
	compiler: 	EGCS (1.1.1)
	arch:		i586

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