Cygwin BASH 20.1 Bug Report

David M Knight
Thu May 27 09:45:00 GMT 1999

Attached please find a test script (test.bash) and two log files (solaris.log 
and cygwin.log). These files illustrate a problem I have encountered with the 
20.1 release.   Basically, I use directory names with certain 
non-meta-character symbols to act as "separators" important to one of my 
software products.   With all Unix bash implementations I have used, this 
works fine.  Under the Cygwin BASH 20.1, directories with embedded "%" chars 
work for some commands and not for others.  For example, the Directory AMEX% 
is troublesome for the "touch" and "cp" commands, but works fine with mkdir, 
ls, mv and rm.   Redirection to a pathname containing a directory name with an 
embedded "%" also fails.  Tests for these problems are in the test.bash and 
the log files show the output from Solaris and Cygwin BASH implementations. 

Good luck - I really hope you can fix this as I'd really like to use 
Cygwin/BASH as a platform for my product: /BriefCase(tm) Release 3 - an 
advanced Software Configuration Management toolkit for Unix/Linux platforms.   
see the webpage at , if you are interested.   
It's an OpenSource/GPL distribution and the "%" chars (or  +, -,=) are used to 
separate parts of  "project work area replica" directories and to control lock 
integrity across multiple replicas and client hosts.  Project Replica 
directory names consist of the project name and replica-name, e.g.:  
"BCdev%enhancements" or "BCdev%bug37" with an optional trailing separator 
(e.g. "BCdev%bug37%") to enable cross-clienthost lock integrity.  /BriefCase 
file-revision lock keys are a composite of the user-name, replica-name and, 
optionally, client-hostname.


Dave Knight, Pres. 
Applied Computer Sciences, inc.


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