Newbie G77 questions .. mostly re switches

John Aitchison
Sun May 30 21:52:00 GMT 1999


I have installed G77 on a Win95 plantform and being new to G77 and to 
GNU compilers in general and I find myself confused by a) the 
sequence of events b) the switches.

Specifically, I want to compile some .F code and get a listing of the 
code and the syntax errors in an output file. I have tried various 
combinations of the -Wall -save-temps -o file -fsyntax-only and I 
cannot seem to get a simple compilation listing.  Can anyone help ?

Secondly, I am unsure of what is going on with G77 and the sub 
a) does G77 generate C code like F2C .. or does it go straight to ASM 
.. or ?

b) in the bin directory I have the following exe's .. do these all 
form part of the process and in the sequence I have them ?
 G77 ?front end  .. 
 F771 ?Fortran to C converter ?
 CPP  ? Preprocessor
 GCC  C Compiler
 AS    Assembler
 LD Linker

I would appreciate any enlightenment.

Thank you

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