ctrl-break/SIGQUIT handling for Java

Chris Abbey cabbey@home.net
Mon May 31 00:58:00 GMT 1999

I've been through the archives but haven't hit on the solution to this one...
does anyone know how to get a thread break out of a java process running under
bash with B20.1? I've tried...

kill -QUIT pid

none of them work... although ctrl-break seems to at least _try_, it get's out
the header and part of the first thread status line... but then the JVM get's
terminated. I know both ctrl-break and kill -QUIT work on other platform's
bash shells. Anyone know how to make them work in cygwin? Incase it matters
I'm running IBM's JVM (also happens with Sun's) on NT 4.0 w/ sp5. -=Chris

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