Perl on Cygwin

Charles Wilson
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

"Cappellozza, Cesar A" wrote:

> Hi,
>         I'd like to know if is there any kind of Perl port for Cygwin. I
> need to compile GTK, but it requires Perl.
> Thanks,
> Cesar.

Please check the mailing list archives ( ),
the cygwin homepage and list of ported software
( ), and the related sites
page ( ). I just announced a
precompiled perl two days ago on the mailing list.

The build that is available at my site (belgarion) right now is a
statically linked version including the DBI-1.07 module, and the latest
mSQL module. In a few days I will be releasing a dynamically linked,
pre-compiled perl binary.

The QUB group used to provide a precompiled binary of perl, but they
stopped updating it last year, and it was for B19. It has been removed from
their web server as of 8 Apr 99.


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