bash sees all lines as 80 chars long

Stewart, Wayne
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

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> Subject: RE: bash sees all lines as 80 chars long
> My command window is set to popup at 80 columns.  If I modify 
> the size of the
> window via the properties box then the line wrapping happens 
> at the new size. 
> I did not have to execute stty to get this to happen.

It appears we have differing behavior.  I am also running
a stock Cygwin b20.1, except that I have loaded egcs 1.1.2.

I'll try to explain what I'm seeing as precisely as I can:

(I have done the following with CYGWIN set to both 'tty'
and 'notty', with no difference in behavior.)

Execute a bash shell via the installed shortcut:

Start -> Programs -> Cygnus Solutions -> Cygwin B20

which runs 'cygnus.bat', which I have not modified.
'stty size' returns '50 80'  (Note that I never run
'stty' to try to modify anything, only to query what
it thinks is the current window size.)

I then go to the Properties dialog for *this particular
window* by clicking on the Cygnus icon in the upper
left corner.  After changing the window & buffer width
to '110', I select 'Apply properties to current window
only'.  The window is now wider and 'stty size' returns
'50 110'.  Holding down any letter key shows me bash
(readline) is still wrapping lines at 80 chars.

If I execute 'kill -WINCH $$', bash (readline) will now
wrap the input command line correctly (at 110 chars,
or is it 109 chars - who cares, it looks right).

So, I gather in your case you do not need to execute
'kill -WINCH $$', and that your bash (readline) has
somehow seen the window resize operation and wraps
input lines at the correct line width?

(Note that *output* lines - e.g., from a 'ls'
command - always wrap correctly for the size of the
window - no 'stty' or 'kill -WINCH $$' required.)
> I am using stock b20.1 with CYGWIN=notty notitle.  I thought 
> that you had said
> that you were using a more recent snapshot.  I know that 
> Chris had reworked
> some of the terminal handling and so it is important to get 
> this resolved
> before the next release.
> --From your next post--
> Ian's answer got me thinking:
> bash$ kill -WINCH $$
> after resizing the window does the trick!
> Thanks for the hint, Ian.
> ------------------------
> This is great for a work around but the stty program should 
> have at least been
> able to reset the size.
> Q: Could it be that bash needs to be rebuilt with the newest 
> changes in the
> cygwin supported structures in order to operate with the 
> newer cygwin1.dll?
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