Visual Diff

Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

> --- "Schaible, Joerg" <> wrote:
> > I am looking forward for a visual diff running on B20. Once I used the gdiff
> > from SGI and what I really liked was the possibility to select in a
> > concurrent change block single lines from either side to be in the merged
> > file. Is there something out there anywere in the GNU world with such a
> > feature or what is the normally used visual diff tool ?

I personnaly like very much xemacs and the ediff package, which does a good
job in finding diffs character to character (not line to line).
I use a set of scripts that allows to type things like 'ediff file1 file2'.
I must admit that it is very slow compared to diff, but much more visual.


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