bash sees all lines as 80 chars long

Ian Zimmerman
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

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From: Stewart, Wayne <>
To: 'Ian Zimmerman' <>;
Date: Monday, May 10, 1999 12:23 PM
Subject: RE: bash sees all lines as 80 chars long

>> >
>> >Execute 'stty size' again - it reflects
>> >the change.
>> >
>> Make Windows send bash a SIGWINCH when the size changes.
>> Good luck :-)
>As above, after resizing the window and executing
>'stty size', I see the new window size in the
>output of 'stty' which is a cygwin program, so the
>new window's line length is available to cygwin.
>So, if the only issue is bash being *automatically*
>notified of the window resize event - I'd be happy
>with some manual process to tell bash of the new
>line length, e.g., 'export COLUMNS=110' or something
>So does this mean that currently there is not even
>a manual process to reset line length?
>Is 80 chars for shell lines hard-coded in the
>cygwin port?

Definitely not.  I happily use a 100x40 bash window all the time.  But it
has to be fixed for a particular run (I do it by changing the Properties
tab on the batch file) because Unix programs only modify their idea of
screen size in repsonse to SIGWINCH, and Windows doesn't have anything of
the sort (or else it is too different and not worth messing up bash code).

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