XFMail address and HTML questions

Suhaib M. Siddiqi ssiddiqi@ipass.net
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

> I've downloaded and installed XFMail Version 1.3 Patchlevel p:0 OS:Linux.  I'm
> pretty happy with it so far, but I have a couple of questions.  I've figured
> out that double-clicking on an address in the address book will automatically
> add it to the To: field, Cc: field, etc., but is there any way to
> automatically add an address to the Address book, as opposed to manually
> typing in the address in the Address Combo-box?  For example if I'm replying to
> email that someone has sent me, is there something that I can do to add their
> address to the address book other than manually typing it or copying and
> pasting from the clipboard.
> I'm also having problems viewing HTML attachments.  XFMail doesn't appear to
> view them natively, I tried changing my external viewer to
> /usr/lib/netscape/netscape, but Netscape only shows the HTML source, perhaps
> this is a Netscape issue.  By the way, my OS is RH 5.2.

Should not this be posted to RedHat list?


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