bash sees all lines as 80 chars long

Stewart, Wayne
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

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> Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 1999 11:41 AM
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> Subject: RE: bash sees all lines as 80 chars long
> Aha, were discussing apples and oranges.  The input line 
> shifts to the left to
> make room on the right when I do your predescribed operation. 
>  Previously I was
> thinking output buffer, sorry for the confusion.  Perhaps it 
> has to do with
> wrapping modes in bash.

I don't think so.
I've tried both wrapping and scrolling, using:

    bash$ bind 'set horizontal-scroll-mode Off'
    bash$ bind 'set horizontal-scroll-mode On'

Regardless of which it does, it still does it at 80
chars until I execute the 'kill -WINCH $$'.

I think what's going on is 'stty' has seen the
resize operation, but bash's readline has not,
until the explicit SIGWINCH tells it to go
reexamine the window size.


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