newbie level overview needed

Earnie Boyd
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

--- Jim Roy <> wrote:
> Where does one go for newbie level information about building apps
> for Win/NT?
> From tidbits gleaned from the FAQ and the mail archive, I have managed to 
> muddle my way thru building an example app that links to a 3rd party DLL.
> I never would have guessed ( and nothing in the docs from the 3rd party 
> suggests ) that I would have to skip the development lib altogether,
> build a xxx.a file from the actual DLL ( which xxx.a file not being
> anything like a regular unix shared library ) and link with that.
> What I really need to get going on my REAL project is a good overview
> of the landscape.  How do lib files, dll's, *.a files relate?  What's
> the correct syntax for a .def file?  Are some dll's _not_ "relocatable"?
> Something that explains the major pieces of the puzzle without going
> into too much detail, so I don't have to do a linear search of the details
> every time I get hung up.

Check the links in my .sig.  Combine this with what you've already gleaned and
you should be set to go.
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