bash sees all lines as 80 chars long

Stewart, Wayne
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

> >
> >Execute 'stty size' again - it reflects
> >the change.
> >
> Make Windows send bash a SIGWINCH when the size changes.  
> Good luck :-)

As above, after resizing the window and executing
'stty size', I see the new window size in the
output of 'stty' which is a cygwin program, so the
new window's line length is available to cygwin.

So, if the only issue is bash being *automatically*
notified of the window resize event - I'd be happy
with some manual process to tell bash of the new
line length, e.g., 'export COLUMNS=110' or something

So does this mean that currently there is not even
a manual process to reset line length?
Is 80 chars for shell lines hard-coded in the
cygwin port?


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