Cygwin compatibility Questions

Earnie Boyd
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

--- wrote:
> Thanks a lot for the quick response.
> I did a little more testing and the problem wasn't exactly what I first
> thought,
> but let me give you a couple commands that illustrate it a little more
> clearly.
> I checked that I was correctly invoking the cygwin pwd command.
>    set -x
>    oldpath=`pwd`
>    cd E:/temp
>    epath=`pwd`
> Cygwin is installed on my C: drive and the bash shell starts off in
> C:/WINNT/Profiles/flawlor/Desktop.
> The result of the above script yields:
>   oldpath=/WINNT/Profiles/flawlor/Desktop
>   epath=//E/temp

Well, that is the way it works now.  In the snapshots and the next release B21
epath will map to /cygpath/e/temp just to give you a heads up.

This has to do with the mapping and remapping of the filesystem paths.

> It seems that whenever I am on my 'home' disk, there is no drive letter
> returned by pwd.
> This seems fine within the script as a cd to a path without a drive letter
> assumes the 'home' drive.
> The problem comes, for example, when I try to pass these paths to executables
> which are running on a different drive.  They make the assumption
> that it is a path on their current drive and cannot find it if they are not
> running from the 'home' drive, e.g.,
>    E:/temp/somefunc.exe -f ${oldpath}/thedata
> fails because $oldpath doesn't have any drive letter and 'somefunc'
> is trying to find it on the E: drive.

Only if somefunc.exe is a non-cygwin program.  cygwin built program a cygwin
path aware and would work as you would like them too.

> This seems inconsistent that pwd doesn't always return a path with
> the drive letter.  Any pwd command my scripts issue might or might
> not return a drive letter.

Suggestion:  create your own pwd so that it always returns the the full win32
path.  See the cygwin api docmentation.
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