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Paul Berrevoets paul@swi.com
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

shichunhui@263.net wrote:

> Hi,anyone here has used the lex and yacc in the cygwin?
> I found a byacc and a bison, a flex and a flex++,
> but I am not sure of their usage.Is there anything different
> from the lex,yacc of unix?

We have a number of libraries that use flex and bison. They used to use
lex and yacc - some ported without any modifications. Of particular
note, one library relies on recursive calls to yyparse, which with yacc
required a lot of extra bookkeeping for the global variables. Bison is
better in this regard because most of the variables are on the stack,
which makes recursive use a no-brainer.
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