B20.1 missing ls and other commands

J. van Beek jvanbeek@caiw.nl
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

I found the problem. It were wrong parameters on the BASH and PATH
parameter in the profile.

The solution was:
  1.  set > myprof2   {in CYGWIN}
  2.  in NT, compare the paramters with the old one 
  3.  change the BASH value in "home-directory CYGWIN"/bin,
      by typing in CYGWIN: 
       BASH="home-directory CYGWIN"/bin
  4.  make the PATH value of the "home-directory CYGWIN"/bin drive dependent,
      by typing in CYGWIN:
       PATH=//"drive-without-colon"/"home-directory CYGWIN"/bin:+"rest"
Now everything works fine again.

>I installed the B20 version on my NT 4 SP3 PC. I worked for several weeks
>CYGWIN and could do various commands like gcc, ls, less, vim. After copying
>a MAN installation in a /usr directory I could not do any command. I am not
>for sure if this is the problem. 

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