bash history not restored

Earnie Boyd
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

--- Ian Zimmerman <> wrote:
> So, HOW do I make history work AND have text opens/fopens by default? 

The binmode option of the CYGWIN environment variable only controls pipes and
redirections.  If you reset the CYGWIN variable after you start bash then it
only will change the mode of pipes.  Your opens/fopens will still default to
text mode.

> Is this a lose/lose situation?  After all, text mount is still the
> default behavior, so this would make history not work out of the box. 

Don't know yet how to workaround this.  I'll try to tinker this weekend.  But
probably will be Monday before I get back to it.  What I'm thinking currently
is trying different options with the ~/.inputrc file.

> (I can't test that because my setup has gotten too far outside the box.
> :)
> Text mount is absolutely necessary for me; without it, I can't use Emacs
> (or any other Cygwin program) to handle non-Cygwin originated files.

Yep.  Me too! *;^)
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