B18: Error 432 soon after launching cdk.exe: "UnInstallShield In Use"

Alexei Vinokurov vinok@el.mipt.ru
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

Dear All,

I got an error message just after starting cdk.exe like that "Error 432:
UnInstall Shield is in use. Please close it and run installation again."
But I hadn't run UnInstall at all ! The situation repeated even after
rebooting. Investigations of registery showed nothing concerning Cygnus.
Could anyone say where or how it checks the running UnInstall ? I
investigated all faqs and B20 fixes: nothing about this problem.

P.S. Excuse me. I completely forgot to point out the system details: Window
NT 4.0 Workstation Service Pack 3.

Alexei Vinokurov
mailto:vinok@ispras.ru    http://www.ispras.ru/~vinok

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