Cygwin b20.1software within Microsoft Proxy server

Yu-Jui Lee
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

I encountered a network problem after my company installed a Microsoft
Proxy server and my PC Win98 installed the WinSock Proxy client. All
the software compiled by Cygwin b20.1 cannot connect to hosts outside
the proxy firewall. While the software provided by Microsoft like
ftp.exe and telnet.exe can work happily.
To investigate this problem further, I examine the dll dependencies of
these executable files by using "dumpbin.exe" provided with MS VC++ 6.0.
I got a conclusion that all files that depends on "wsock32.dll"
can pass the proxy firewall and connect outside, while those don't use
"wsock32.dll" cannot pass the proxy firewall.
I don't know how this could happen since as far as I know, all network
software in MS Win98 should use "wsock32.dll". Why Cygwin b20.1 can
provide the network socket functions without using winsock and can
work correctly in an environment without a proxy firewall? And anyone
knows how to make those programs compiled with Cygwin b20.1 work
through the Microsoft Proxy server?
Thanks a lot!
Yu-Jui Lee
Trinity Communications Inc.
Taipei, Taiwan


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