gdb + cygwin

Charles Wilson
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

Earnie Boyd wrote:

> Hi Chuck,
> I've seen this when I have a pointer reference that isn't being referenced
> correctly.  Perhaps a prototype is incorrect or not specified.  Perhaps you
> have a pointer becoming an integer or an integer becoming a pointer, either way
> you're in trouble.
> Use the -Wall switch on the compilation and don't ignore the warnings.  If it
> has to do with a pointer, it's an ERROR not a WARNING.

Okay, I tried this:
    gcc -Wall -c smain.c ===> no errors
    gcc -Wall -c gaaout.c ===> a few errors having to do with a return (no args)
in a function that isn't supposed to return void. After I fixed 'em,

    gcc -Wall -c gaaout.c ===> no errors
    gcc -o smain smain.o gaaout.o ===> no errors

execute `smain' ==> core dump. sigh.


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