Building EGCS for MingW32 from CVS...

Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

Brian Macy <> writes:
> Thanks for the info... it unfortunately doesn't work. Actually building
> a native Linux egcs compiler fails itself... dies on objc/objc.h on the
> second compile pass and has for quite some time. With the Win32
> cross-compiler is fails in many locations and finally dies (after some
> minor tweaks here or there) on libgcc2.a trying to process the assembly
> files produced for _multi, etc.

Hmmm ... My CVS egcs tree is updated once a day and I build Linux, x-Mingw 
and x-Cygwin compilers a few times a week. Just built it last night and
all 3 worked. This is without any of my local patches (I maintain separate
CVS repositories), so that's not the reason why mine works. You should 
right away report any problems you had building a linux compiler to

Without more information, I'm afraid I can't help with your problem. Info
such as exact configure options, how you've setup the cross-environment
(copied the includes and libs to the right places?), etc would be useful.
Also, `fails in many locations and finally dies' is rather imprecise.

I assume you already have cross-binutils installed (i386-mingw32-as,
i386-mingw32-ld, i386-mingw32-ar, i386-mingw32-ranlib, etc).

Did you run ``cd gcc; make installdirs'' when building the cross compilers?
That's needed to get the includes relative to the gcc compiler installation

> Oh well... hopefully I can get my hands on a newer binary distribution
> sometime soon. Currently Borland C++, Borland Builder, and Linux egcs
> out of CVS are the only compilers that can handle the template libraries
> I use. I assume Win32 egcs for MingW32 out of CVS would also handle it.
> Visual C++ 5.0 (with and without SP3) doesn't handle it... I'll be
> trying VC++ 6.0 SP3 and Watcom 11.0a this next week. It's pretty
> impressive that egcs 1.1.2 for MingW32 handles the templates almost
> identically as well (or poorly) as Visual C++ 5.0 SP3 and much better
> than VC++ 5.0 without service packs.

egcs-1.1.2 is way ahead of VC 6 in template handling (VC of course has a
much more compliant C++ standard library, so you gain some and lose some). 
I know nothing about Watcom or C++ Builder (I hear very good things about 
Builder however).


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