tcl/tk failure using -mno-cygwin

Anders Norlander
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

Paul Thiessen wrote:
> Has anyone managed to successfully build programs that make tk/tcl calls,
> using the -mno-cygwin linking? When I try to do so, I just get general
> protection faults in kernel32.dll. (Programs built and linked w/o
> -mno-cygwin, i.e., by default with cygwin libraries, work just fine.) I
> am using the latest full release of cygwin.
>   I assume this is because the tcl/tk libs shipped with cygwin were built
> with cygwin headers/libs, and fail when linked with mingw32 objects? Has
Quite likely.

> anyone managed to compile tcl/tk (preferably 8.0.5 or 8.1, but doesn't
> matter that much) using -mno-cygwin? Would you be willing to share
> binaries or patches?

You have three options:
* download Mumit Khan's binaries
* build it yourself with mingw32 (with Mumit's patches)
* use the official win32 tcl/tk distribution (you will need to get


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