Cygnus and GDBM

Dr. Volker Zell
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Mumit" == Mumit Khan <> writes:

    Mumit> The only tweaking I remember with GDBM 1.7.3 was to remove
    Mumit> the -lc from LIBS Makefile when linking the conversion and
    Mumit> test programs.

    Mumit>   $ bash configure $ make $ make LIBS= progs

    Mumit> and that was it.

During installation I also needed the following patch:

diff -upr /gdbm-1.7.3/ gdbm-1.7.3/
--- /gdbm-1.7.3/     Sun May 15 11:28:49 1994
+++ gdbm-1.7.3/      Thu May 13 01:02:50 1999
@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ install: libgdbm.a gdbm.h

        $(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/dbm.h $(includedir)/dbm.h
-       $(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir/ndbm.h $(includedir)/ndbm.h
+       $(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/ndbm.h $(includedir)/ndbm.h

 libgdbm.a: $(OBJS) gdbm.h
        rm -f libgdbm.a


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