bash sees all lines as 80 chars long

Earnie Boyd
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

--- "Stewart, Wayne" <> wrote:
> Are you saying that when you repeat the scenario from my
> original post, your lines always break at the last column
> of the window?:

My command window is set to popup at 80 columns.  If I modify the size of the
window via the properties box then the line wrapping happens at the new size. 
I did not have to execute stty to get this to happen.

> (Are you using generic b20.1 or a snapshot?  Maybe
> it's fixed and not released?)

I am using stock b20.1 with CYGWIN=notty notitle.  I thought that you had said
that you were using a more recent snapshot.  I know that Chris had reworked
some of the terminal handling and so it is important to get this resolved
before the next release.

--From your next post--
Ian's answer got me thinking:

bash$ kill -WINCH $$

after resizing the window does the trick!

Thanks for the hint, Ian.

This is great for a work around but the stty program should have at least been
able to reset the size.

Q: Could it be that bash needs to be rebuilt with the newest changes in the
cygwin supported structures in order to operate with the newer cygwin1.dll?
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