bash sees all lines as 80 chars long

Stewart, Wayne
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

> Hmm.  I don't see any problems with adjusting the size of the 
> bash window on NT
> 4 sp3.  I just change the size of the window and voila all 
> columns are being
> used.  What are you executing that is giving you problems 
> with column sizes? 
> How do you have the CYGWIN variable set?

I get the same behavior with CYGWIN=tty or CYGWIN=notty.
I believe it is the 'readline' part of bash, since isn't
that what's responsible for wrapping scrolling *input*
command lines based on the setting of:

bash$ bind 'set horizontal-scroll-mode On'
bash$ bind 'set horizontal-scroll-mode Off'

Are you saying that when you repeat the scenario from my
original post, your lines always break at the last column
of the window?:
(Are you using generic b20.1 or a snapshot?  Maybe
it's fixed and not released?)

>(On NT 4.0 SP3. cygwin b20.1)
>Open a bash window.
>Execute 'stty size' (columns == 80).
>Hold down a character - assuming key
>repeat, the line breaks or scrolls at
>80 chars.
>In 'Properties...' dialog resize the
>window and its buffer to be 110 chars
>Execute 'stty size' again - it reflects
>the change.
>However, bash still wraps or scroll lines
>at 80 characters.
>Can this behavior be changed (i.e., so
>bash will see and act on the changed
>line length).  If so, how?

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