bash history file: worked around [Was: bash history not restored]

Ian Zimmerman
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

Victor Ott wrote:
> Ian Zimmerman wrote:
> > No matter what I do, I can't seem to make bash restore the command
> > history from .bash_history when it starts.  During a session,
> > interactive history mode works; moreover, current history is saved to
> > the file when session ends.  But the next session will again start with
> > empty history :-[
> >
> > Running Cygwin-b20.1, NT Workstation SP4, FAT fs, text mount.
> I think it's the text mount. As far I've seen, bash imports history
> entries from past bash sessions only when 'binmode' is set in CYGWIN
> env. var., and that's what I am doing. Others might have other
> solutions.

This is what I ended up doing in cygnus.bat:

bash -c '/home/itz/bin/ .bash_history'

where  is

#! /bin/sh

tr -d '\r\032' <$1 >$tempfile
mv $tempfile $1

Note that I had to use /mnt, not /tmp because /mnt is my only binary
mount point.
It still sucks, but it "works".

Ian Zimmerman
Lightbinders, Inc.
2325 3rd Street #324, San Francisco, California 94107

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