B20: make fails to execute command

Schaible, Joerg Joerg.Schaible@gft.de
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

Hello Wilson,

>D:\nisacompile\code\component_A>d:\public\bin\make -f Makefile.compile
>perl -e "$path=`path`;print $path;"
>When we execute the perl command line under WinNT 4.0 service pack 3, we
>the following output:

>D:\>perl -e "$$path=`path`;print $$path;"
>Files\Maestro.nt\;C:\NTRESKIT;C:\NTRESKIT\Perl;C:\Program;C:\Program Fi


The environment variables are case sensitive! 
$path is empty in my shell!
In UNIX mode PATH is converted to something like 
/usr/bin:/winnt/system32:/winnt:/progra~1/micros~1/Office" ...
If you do not use a pearl version based on the cygwin.dll it won't handle
these paths!

Try to run the shell in DOS/Win mode (have a look at the batch file starting
the shell).


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