Creating DCOM- or COM components with gwin32?

Jonathan Pryor
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

Yes.  For me, it demonstrated a good reason to wait
for C++ support... :)

"The COM Programmer's Cookbook" provides an overview
of COM, as well as a "tutorial" on how to write COM
objects in ANSI C, comparing it with C++ (which further
demonstrates how much the C++ compiler does for you
in the authoring of COM objects).

It also introduces concepts such as tear-off interfaces
and other "advanced" topics, so it's a good read even
for C++ programmers.

It's at:

 - Jon

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>Jonathan Pryor wrote:
>> In theory, yes.
>> However, there's one caveat: you can't use C++ at this time.
>> (This is because egcs generates a non-COM-compliant vtable
>> for C++ objects.)
>> Writing (D)COM object in C shouldn't pose any problems
>> (that I know of).
>Is there any good tutorial introducing COM in ANSI-C ? The stuff I've
>seen so far was only about COM and C++ ..
>  Helge
>MDlink online service center

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