many problems with rxvt

Suhaib M. Siddiqi
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

> This port is actually a port.  The porter created a psuedo Xlib that emulates
> the calls required for rxvt using the Win32 API.  I've often thought about this
> question myself but haven't had the time to investigate it.  It sure would be
> nice to have such a library.  Does anyone know of any current works in this area?

Well, yes such a library does exists.  I have myself a pseudo libX11.lib (Win32 native).  It uses mscrt.dll instead of Cygwin1.dl.
To use this library one needs to have only header files from X11R6.4 distribution.  Applications
links against it do not require an X server.  This library so far has very limited use, since libICE,
libSM and libXp are not available -- though I am trying to make libICE, libSM and libXp which will use
this pseudo X11 Win32 native library.

Since this library does not use Cygwin DLLs, therefore NOT interested in sharing it.  All requests will be ignored - Sorry.  This just for info in response to Ernie's post.


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