Earnie Boyd
Mon May 31 21:10:00 GMT 1999

--- wrote:
> I think I posted this once but I think I mailed it to the wrong address. I 
> was trying to compile Circlemud on my win95 box and I cant seem to get the 
> configure script to run. there. Is there something wrong with how I have it 
> set up? I have b19 and I downloaded both parts and ran the setup programs. 
> Shoulnt that be enough? A tutorial said to type ./configure to configure but,
> no. Anyhelp would be greatly appriciated.
> Bucky	

Well, firstly, you need to upgrade to b20.1.  Since you're using w95 you then
need to download the Jan 15th snapshot.  Now, you shouldn't expect anyone to be
able to help with the configure part with so little information.  I can assume
one of several things a couple of which are:

1) You are trying to execute the configure script from DOS which won't work at
all.  You have to be interactive in bash or execute from DOS like this `sh -c

2) You are getting an error that it can't find /bin/sh because you don't have a

So, which is it?  or is it something else?  Be specific and you might get more
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